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photo: LA Times

So, have you visited your local Fresh and Easy store yet? (CA. AZ. NV.)  I’ve had a chance and I’m not so sure it’s the kind of store I want.  Everything looks harmless enough, all packed in mostly generic wrappers and neat as a pin but I’m wondering how the UK’s Tesco (owners) is gonna pull this off.

They are appealing to my eyes but not my pocket book since the quantities in packaging are smaller and the prices are ultimately higher.  AND, they don’t sell baking items, sugar, flour baking powder etc. That just busts my bubble right there.

The food seemed fresh, things were easy enough with the self checkout lines, but there was something gnawing at me the whole time I was in there… can’t quite put my finger on it.  Does that mean I need to go back?… maybe.

We’ll see.

What is your take on the place?  Where do you like to shop and why? … leave your comments!  (be nice, God is listening and the whole world is reading along)

By the way, I didn’t mention that in my town alone there have been 4 Fresh and Easy Stores, that I know of, built in the past year, plus they built a huge distribution center just outside the city limits.  I sure would hate to see these brand new buildings standing empty and then being turned into trashy buildings housing cheap swapmeets like the Mervyns in a neighboring town did.  That just degrades the community.

amended: 10.15.08


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