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A couple of summers ago I wrote a post about gardening and in it mentioned , “teaching your children and remembering Who it is that has provided the bounty on your plate!”

Pictured above is my oldest daughter, who posted the photo on her facebook album. She reminded me of the impact we can have on our children while they are growing up and how important it is to pass on the things that are most important in life.  Her “sense of adventure” and being a “berry picker” are, apparently, a result of my example.

The truth is these qualities were passed on to me by my parents who took my older sister and I camping, made us work in the home garden and picked wild berries on the side of the road with us, not to mention a number of other things that have stuck with me into my 50’s.

I learned from my parents to keep an eye out for wild critters and learned to spot a deer when most folks would miss it.  I count and track the birds that come and go each year in my back yard.  Even begging my husband to stop on the side of the road so I could enjoy the multitude of wild flowers in the spring was a result of parental guidance.

The things we pass on to our children can last into eternity… It’s up to us to choose what it is that they will live with forever.  Teach them rightly and they will live rightly.  Teach them evil and they will reap the consequences.

There is no greater joy than knowing your children have taken on the heritage you’ve handed down to them.  The next best thing is watching them share it with their children and others.

2 Timothy 1:5 I remember your true faith. That faith first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice, and I know you now have that same faith.

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I love it when I find good, useful and “homemade” information like this!

I love to make “my own.”

I love to watch things “become.”

I love vanilla!

Vanilla is wonderful.  And if you’re like me you use more than you can afford because vanilla extract is expensive.  I’ve been blessed in the past by a friend who brings me large quantities of Vanilla Extract from mexico.  But I always feel just a little guilty when they bring it because they always give it as a gift and refuse payment for the liquid bakers treasure.

So when I read this post by Elise I was just beside myself and ready to run down to the local brown bag and get me a 5th of vodka.  Humm, I wonder if Rum would be a good choice for this recipe?????

Now, all you Good Christian cooks out there who didn’t know you were using alcohol to bake your grandma’s pound cake need to do some research and find out the facts.  Then you just have to admit you love vanilla extract and get over your aversion for these spirits…..  you just gotta go and see how to make our own vanilla extract.

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When I was young and strong and ambitious I used to grow a vegetable and fruit garden. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, squash, cucumbers, berries and fruit trees and the like. It was great fun to go out into the morning sun and pluck God’s provision off the vine, tasting the goodness of real food. I especially enjoyed sharing those moments with my daughters. My, how time flies by.

Then there were the rare times when we would find something planted by God. There we were, taking a quiet walk in the woods or hills with loved ones and God revealed a wild onion or alpine strawberry, blackberry or goose berries in the shade of an old enormous oak tree. Ahhh, that’s a moment of wonder and awe, don’t you think?

These simple pleasures make enjoying food so much richer. So, I toast you who savour those moments, teaching your children and remembering Who it is that has provided the bounty on your plate! Go forth and forage…

Genesis 1:29 (NKJV)
And God said, “See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food.

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