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Grilled Birds, Smashed Potatoes and Burgundy Mushrooms

A few weeks ago I posted this to my Facebook page and neglected to share it with you.  So here goes…

The weather was still in the 3 digits and using the oven to heat the house didn’t sound too good but I had come across a recipe that I couldn’t ignore.

I follow The Pioneer Woman Cooks who had posted a recipe for Burgundy Mushrooms.  Now if you like mushrooms you have to admit these sound more than tempting.

Off the the grocer I went to pick up 2lbs of button mushrooms, pulled 2 gamebirds from the freezer and dug around in the pantry for some potatoes.

We grilled the gamebirds and smashed the potatoes with lots of garlic and olive oil.  The resulting dinner was amazing and thanks to The Pioneer Woman Cooks, Chef Michael Chiarello and Hunter Angler Gardener Cook it was a feast worthy of a blog post!

The internet is truly amazing!  I can find any recipe to fit any desired result.  There’s such an abundance of free information and so many great chefs and cooks out there that are gracious enough to share their secrets with us.  No wonder we are on perpetual diets.

Now my daughter has requested that I post something original the next time I get a chance.  As I think about it… is there anything new under the sun?  Maybe.  I’ve been working on perfecting some javelina recipes.. could be our next adventure.

Pr 25:21 If your enemy is hungry, give him bread to eat; And if he is thirsty, give him water to drink;


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Grilled Chocolate Ribeye Steaks

A few years ago I made a cooking blunder that turned out to be a major AHA! in my cooking experiences.  You know, a recipe error that turns out to be a good thing?  Like in that peanut butter cup commercial?  “You got chocolate on my peanut butter!”  …. “No, you got peanut butter on my chocolate!”

The plan was to make some BBQ Ribs with this spice rub from a cookbook.  I had mixed a spice rub up a few weeks earlier for another meal and the unused portion was packed away.  The problem was that when I was prepping the ribs, sprinkling  spice rub on them, I realized something was wrong.  It wasn’t spice rub at all….. it was … chocolate?

Yep, I had on another occasion way, way back, taken some stale chocolate biscotti and ground it to a crumbly sprinkle for ice cream and I had put it in the same kind of container as the spice rub.  Foolish me didn’t label them and now I was in a pickle with chocolate biscotti sprinkles on my beef ribs.

“So,” I think to myself, “my husband and I both like chocolate.  Maybe if I rub it off and put enough spice rub on he wont notice.” So that’s what I did and the ribs were wonderful!

Since that day I’ve recreated that great bbq taste and presented it to the twisted brow of a few folks who agree it’s great.  Now I’ll share my little secret with you. Enjoy!

Chocolate Ribeye Steaks

1/3 c packed dark brown sugar
2 Tbls onion powder
1 tsp garlic powder
3 tsp kosher salt
1 Tbls fresh ground black pepper
4 Tbls paprika
3 ground chocolate biscotti (I used my food processor)

Ribeye Steaks

Mix all dry ingredients together.  Sprinkle on both sides of your perfect steak, “marinate” for about 30 minutes and grill to your desired result.  I like mine rare.

Store left over Chocolate Spice Rub in an airtight container.  Stays fresh for an extended time in the freezer.  Oh, and don’t forget to put a label on it.  🙂

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Sandhill Crane Kabobs

Have you ever noticed how babies put everything into their mouths?  They eat dirt and dry dog food without flinching.  Bugs are fair game and if it shines you can be sure they’ll try to taste it.  Then something happens and suddenly they are afraid to try something different.  They avoid foods without even trying a taste.

Somewhere during the developing stages of our childhood we learn that all foods (or any object for that matter) aren’t necessarily tasty.   The sad thing is that we could go through life missing out on a wonderful variety of culinary delights unaware that right under our noses is a foodie opportunity waiting to please our palates.

My point? …. wait for it…… wait for it…..  Food fears are reduncullious… get over it!  Trying something new is an amazing experience.  You never really know what a new food will taste like unless you try it.  And, tonight we tried a totally new food in our home.

Hunter” bagged a couple sandhill crane that yielded 4 beautiful boneless skinless breast of crane that my daughter and I prepared with teriyaki marinade, skewered with some fresh cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, sweet peppers, red onion and chunks of pineapple.  My husband did the honors and did the cooking on the outdoor grill.  Complements included steamed white rice, braised cabbage, fresh melon, pineapple and mango and the drink of choice at the table was a sparkling pomegranate cocktail over ice.

Sandhill crane meat has been touted as being the “prime rib of the skies” and I do believe that is a very fair description.  It’s very dark red, similar to raw beef heart or liver in color, and the texture is quite dense.  The flavor is not even in the slightest bit gamey, not even poultry like.  If I had not prepared it myself and someone had told me I was eating a bird I would have said they were lying.

Everyone at the table enjoyed the meal and we’re ready to try something new.

….And I heard a voice saying to me, ‘Rise, Peter; kill and eat.’  But I said, ‘Not so, Lord! For nothing common or unclean has at any time entered my mouth.’  But the voice answered me again from heaven, ‘What God has cleansed you must not call common.’ Acts 11

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