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Every year I play with the idea of making Panettone for Christmas and every year slips by with a broken promise to myself.  If you are like me there’s one recipe, just one, that sits on the “gotta make” list, right at the top but never seems to make the move to “been there done that.”

Zoe over at Artisan Bread in 5 has posted a visually inspiring piece on baking panettone and I’ve got no excuse this year.  Thanks to Zoe, and her book, I believe I’ll finally be taking panettone off that “gotta make” list.

Be sure and visit her site and have a look at this great holiday bread and a whole basket of other great bread recipes you can make.  You really don’t want to miss it!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a warm, sweet panettone!


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Here’s a cook book that caught my attention… Why? you may ask.  Lately the no-knead method has become an obsession with me.  I’ve been combing the www for more info and recipes and ran across this book by Nancy Baggett.  The title is catchy and the recipes look awesome.  I am especially interested in the Buttermilk Bread and the Double Chocolate Honey Bread.  Yummy!

I’ll be waiting eagerly for the UPS Man to deliver it.

Warming the oven,…..

Find out more about the author, Nancy Baggett, and get some great recipes at KitchenLane.com.

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