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photo: Not Dabbling in Normal

In the beginning God created the….

Ok so I wont go that far back but I will ask you to think about what it would have been like to be in the kitchen a couple hundred years ago.  What items would have been in the ordinary pantry?  How simple would the ingredients have been back then?  Raw, unprocessed foods were the supplies in the kitchen except for some things like sugar, flour and maybe a few other simple cooking and baking ingredients we take for granted today.

Simpler times meant simpler ingredients and it was cost effective.  Today, we face the dilemma of trying to decide which can of soup is the healthiest without loosing all that flavor or which boxed cake is the easiest while still light and moist.  Plus, we could save a bundle if we think simple foods and avoid the center of the grocery store and probably be healthier for it too.

I was reminded, this morning, of those simpler times at Not Dabbling in Normal. This sight is full of simpler times, eating real food and growing your own.  Today, Baking Powder is the topic.  Have you ever made your own?  Did  you know you could?… It never even crossed my mind.  Surprise!  Simpler is putting it lightly.  I figured it’s like lots of other stuff that requires special ingredients an ordinary cook doesn’t have access to.

If you want to simplify your kitchen, save a little for the cookie jar, are going back to basics or just want to experience a new thing, try making  your own Baking Powder.  Visit Not Dabbling in Normal and see how simple it really is.  You wont believe your eyes!


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So I get this RSS Feed the other day from one of my favorite food blogs.  Chef John is telling me I can use a no-knead recipe to make pizza dough.  I love no-knead doughs and the thought just kept going round and round in my head, “no-knead pizza dough”…. “no-knead pizza dough”….  over and over and over and I fell victim around 12 noon today.  That’s really bad timing if you want pizza for dinner since the dough needs 12 hours to proof.

But, I got busy and put the ingredients together any how.  Now I gotta wait till midnight to make pizza!   My plan is to make the pizzas (recipe make 4 9-10 inch pizzas) let them cool and put one in my hunny’s lunch box for tomorrow.  

Good plan if all works out.  

Check out Chef Johns site and his No-Knead Pizza Dough video.  I’ll let you know how things turned out.  And post some pics.

BTW… Thanks Chef John for all your inspiration!!!


Luke 6:26
Jesus answered them and said, “Most assuredly, I say to you, you seek Me, not because you saw the signs, but because you ate of the loaves and were filled.

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I hate my bread machine. It was such a disappointment that I almost stopped baking bread alltogether. I’d tried everything and after years of failure after failure I was ready to give up. Then out of the blue I got this itch to make a crusty bread and couldn’t shake it.

So I surfed the web and found some good possibilities. Then the other day I found Bakers Banter. decided to make their gruyere stuffed bread. This cheesy bread was AMAZING!!!! It took about 20 hours to complete but it was so worth it. Bakers Banter has made baking bread like this easy too. Be sure to check out their very practical baking instructions that go with the recipe. I’ve also included a video that highlights this recipe (with just a few minor differences)


Isaiah 49:1-7 God knew who, what and when about us before there was time, yet you were chosen from the womb to serve Him.

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After much thought I have finally decided to create this food blog. Giving it a name was harder than I thought. I resolved to name it Fishes and Loaves for two obvious reasons. Food and Faith.

It seems to me that on more than one occasion, when Jesus was teaching, he was also sharing a meal with those who were listening. And for me, there’s nothing more enjoyable than a good meal shared with good friends having great conversation about the Good News! We call that “Foodleship” 😉

So there you have it…. visit often… this is just the beginning.


Matthew 14:19
Then He commanded the multitudes to sit down on the grass. And He took the five loaves and the two fish, and looking up to heaven, He blessed and broke and gave to the disciples; and the disciples gave to the multitudes.
(emphasis added)

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